Pokusy o prosazeni vivente rege v polsko-litevském soustátí na sejmu v roce 1661

Title: Pokusy o prosazeni vivente rege v polsko-litevském soustátí na sejmu v roce 1661
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  • The attempts to enforce vivente rege in the Polish-Lithuanian state on the diet sessions in the year 1661
Source document: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. C, Řada historická. 2005, vol. 54, iss. C52, pp. [97]-117
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The article constitutes an attempt to analyze the policy of the Polish king Jan Kazimir (1648 - 1668) between the peace of Oliwa (april 1660) and the diet session (may/june 1661). The disasters in the first half of Jan Kazimir's reign helped his efforts with the home reforms, the main obstacle was the war against Sweden. After peace of Oliwa the royal policy become possible . The enforce-ment of the royal's policy proceed in the several phases. The main battle of the royal party and the opposition was realized during the diet session in the year 1661. The fact, that royal policy wasn't enforced, had number of reasons. The main reasons was overtrusting the magnates (Lubomirski, Leszczynski), that at the turning points of the diet sessions had not supported king and his policy. The period after the end of the diet session was influenceed by the rebellion of the Lithuanian and Crown troops, so that problems of the election vivente rege was sidetracked. The failure of the royal couple policy made the end to the reformative efforts and in the context of the following events - it was a wasted chance.