Brno studies in English 1981, vol. 14, iss. 1

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  • Brno studies in English, Volume 14 (1981) vyšel v rámci řady Sborník prací filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity, Řada K, germanisticko-anglistická jako číslo K3.
Studies in linguistics – Studie lingvistické
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11-14 Jan Firbas – a sexagenarian? Vachek, Josef | pdficon
15-22 Jan Firbas's publications Golková, Eva | pdficon
23-35 A contrastive view of adverb frequency in English and in Czech Hladký, Josef | pdficon
37-79 Scene and perspective Firbas, Jan | pdficon
81-92 Two chapters on scene Svoboda, Aleš | pdficon
Studies in literature – Studie literárněvědné
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93-94 František Chudoba (1878-1941) Kocmanová, Jessie | pdficon
95-105 Bibliography of Professor František Chudoba's works Pantůčková, Lidmila; Mikulášková, Jana | pdficon
107-116 The Thirties and the artistry of Lewis, Farrell, Dos Passos and Steinbeck : some remarks on the influence of the social and ideological developments of the time Chalupová, Eva | pdficon
117-132 Novel or romance : problems of genre in contemporary English prose fiction Kocmanová, Jessie | pdficon
133-137 Analysis of rhythm effects in Alfred Tennyson's poem "Crossing the bar" Kostomlatský, Samuel | pdficon
139-148 Some remarks on formal innovations in Norman Mailer's "The armies of the night" Sedláčková, Jaroslava | pdficon
149-157 The inorganic plot of Joseph Andrews Tichý, Aleš | pdficon
159-167 Tragic fate in Marlowe and Chapman's Hero and leander Tjarks, Larry | pdficon
Reviews – Recenze
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169-170 [Lehnert, Martin. Altenglisches Elementarbuch] Urbanová, Ludmila | pdficon
170-171 [Longman dictionary of contemporary English. Editor-in-chief Paul Procter] Firbas, Jan | pdficon
171-172 [The synonym finder ; Webster's collegiate thesaurus ; Roget's II: the new thesaurus] Hladký, Josef | pdficon
173-174 [Svartvik, Jan; Quirk, Randolph, ed. A corpus of English conversation] Firbas, Jan | pdficon
174 [Gillie, Christopher. Longman companion to English literature] Firbas, Jan | pdficon