Voda: počiatok a koniec : (motív vody v diele Dominika Tatarku)

Title: Voda: počiatok a koniec : (motív vody v diele Dominika Tatarku)
Source document: Новая русистика. 2012, vol. 5, iss. Supplementum, pp. [23]-31
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    2336-4564 (online)
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In the writing by Dominik Tatarka, the motif of water arises from his memories of the river Váh, where the author had spent his childhood and had his first erotic experiences that were related to folk traditions. These memories are echoed in his writings in the eroticized image of water that is experienced as petting. Tatarka's authorial concept is strongly autobiographical, with modernist relation to identity and the natural element of the Carpathian Mountains. Patočka's philosophical concept of the natural world, the world as a whole, which influenced the generation of Charta '77, is in Tatarka's work reflected in a holistic perception of reality, which is also associated with his Christian universalism.