The Greek Civil War in the Czech press

Title: The Greek Civil War in the Czech press
Source document: Neograeca Bohemica. 2015, vol. 15, iss. [1], pp. [65]-87
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Type: Article
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The Greek Civil War was the first open confrontation in Europe between the Eastern block and the West after the Second World War. This confrontation did not only develop on the battlefront, but also on the propaganda front, inside Greece and abroad. Czechoslovakia was actively involved in the Greek Civil War, mainly by sending military equipment to Greece and by providing asylum to approximately 4,000 child refugees. The Greek Civil War was prominent in the Czechoslovakian press throughout its duration (1946–1949). This article, based on material from the Prague National Archives, analyses the events of the Civil War as presented by Czech newspapers. In addition, this presentation reflects on the confrontation between the political forces that formed the National Front government of Czechoslovakia, before and after February 1948. There is also special reference to the activities of the propaganda machine that the Greek Communist Party had established in Prague at this time.