K niektorým nedostatkom vybraných environmentálnych prístupov

Title: K niektorým nedostatkom vybraných environmentálnych prístupov
Variant title:
  • Critical analysis of various environmental approaches
Source document: Studia philosophica. 2014, vol. 61, iss. 1, pp. [29]-38
  • ISSN
    1803-7445 (print)
    2336-453X (online)
Type: Article
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The author aims to evaluate various approaches of environmental philosophers to several specific problems from the standpoint of ethics of survival. He points to weaknesses and risks of conceptions of F. Capra, A. Naess, P. Singer and J. Šmajs. The author accepts using irrationality only as a complement of education, not as its main principle. He rejects ethics not based on ontological ground and promotes process thinking in ethics. The author criticizes rejection of anthropocentric approach. He analyzes the connections between evolutionary ontology and totalitarianism. He questions Naess' application of nonviolence, links irrationality and ecological terrorism.