The prison of the mind : growing up with myths in Communist Romania

Variant title
Vězení mysli : dospívání v prostředí mýtů komunistického Rumunska
Source document: Convivium. 2017, vol. 4, iss. 1, pp. 128-141
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    2336-3452 (print)
    2336-808X (online)
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The manner in which Romania's Communist regime used medieval art history is a fascinating phenomenon. After sketching in broad strokes the socio-political context and historiographic traditions under Communism, the article focuses on the period 1974-1989. In this span, the party designed and implemented a complex manipulation mechanism meant to inculcate in the country's youth - a group to which the author belonged - a biased interpretation of the country's. Medieval art - a collateral victim - helped shape several generations' national identity.
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