Legenda česko-slovenské slavistiky a komparatistiky : Slavomír Wollman (3.8.1925–27.1.2012)

Title: Legenda česko-slovenské slavistiky a komparatistiky : Slavomír Wollman (3.8.1925–27.1.2012)
Author: Zelenka, Miloš
Source document: Slavica litteraria. 2012, vol. 15, iss. 1, pp. [153]-160
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    1212-1509 (print)
    2336-4491 (online)
Type: Article
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The study surveys the basic biographical data and works of Slavomír Wollman (1925 – 2012), a distinguished member of the Czech and Slovak academic community who is widely recognised in Europe for his achievements in the field of Slavonic and comparative studies. Wollman's scholarly profile has been boosted by his personal and working relationships with the Russian philological and cultural-historical school (V. V. Vinogradov, V. M. Zhirmunsky, A. N. Tolstoy, D. S. Likhachev, J. M. Lotman, R. Jakobson, etc.). In addition to summarising Wollman's active involvement in the Czech and the International Committees of Slavonic Scholars, and in the Society of Literary Science affiliated to CSAS, the paper specifies his contribution to the renewal of the Slavonic Institute in the 1990s and to the foundation of the Czech Association of Slavonic Scholars in 2004.