Pečatenie v novovekých hodnoverných miestach na príklade Spišskej a Nitrianskej kapituly

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Sealing, in modern times, the authentic locations for example Spišska and Nitrianska Chapter
Source document: Studia historica Brunensia. 2015, vol. 60, iss. 1-2, pp. [213]-228
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    1803-7429 (print)
    2336-4513 (online)
Type: Article
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The paper focuses on the Modern Period seals and sealing in credible places (locus credibilis) in the Kingdom of Hungary. It presents the basic historical context, in which the credible places were created and operated within religious institutions in the Middle Ages. Specifically, it addresses the problems which the political and social changes in modern times brought to the function of these institutions. Particular attention is paid to the seals and their use in modern Nitra Residential Chapter and Spiš Collegial Chapter. The paper is mainly based on the research of archives of the correspondent religious institutions. Its main objective is to present unpublished facts about the design of the seals of these institutions, as well as issues related to the method of sealing, storage and use of the typarium.
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