Museologica Brunensia 2022, vol. 11, iss. 1

Publication year
1805-4722 (print)
2464-5362 (online)
hidden section Úvodní slovo
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2-3 Úvodní slovo Rutar, Václav | pdficon
Studie – Articles
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4-9 The metamuseum as the future of the museum institution? Echarri, Fernando | pdficon
10-22 Museums in the era of decolonisation: the Nigerian perspective Sogbesan, Oluwatoyin Zainab | pdficon
23-31 Transformation of the concept "museum" in the Ukrainian space Muravska, Svitlana | pdficon
32-48 The ICOM International museum definition from the perspective of the Czech Republic : results of a questionnaire survey among representatives of the museum community and other related disciplines  Jagošová, Lucie; Kirsch, Otakar | pdficon
Metodické a informační texty – Methodical and informative texts
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49-55 The ICOM museum definition: ICOM Germany between functionaries, members, and activists Walz, Markus | pdficon
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56-57 Pravidla pro přispěvatele | pdficon