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Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. S, Řada anglistická
2003, vol. 52, iss. S9

Year: 2003
Publication year: 2004
ISSN: 1211-1791
ISBN: 80-210-3346-0

Table of contents:

[9]-20 Pitch patterns of English and Czech declarative and interrogative sentences Chamonikolasová, Jana | pdficon
[21]-36 Some notes on the use of I mean in English face-to-face conversation Povolná, Renata | pdficon
[37]-42 Personal advertisements in a tabloid and a broadsheet Vlčková, Jitka | pdficon
[43]-49 Poetic religious text and FSP Adam, Martin | pdficon
[51]-66 The mixing of modes as a means of resolving the tension between involvement and detachment in news headlines Chovanec, Jan | pdficon
[67]-80 Pronoun envy Fronek, Josef | pdficon
[81]-90 Spasmodic body part movements Kudrnáčová, Naděžda | pdficon
[91]-98 Language laws, linguistic situation and position of French-speaking population in Canadian province of Ontario Kadlec, Jaromír; Holeš, Jan | pdficon
[99]-108 Bibliography of the publications of Professor Jan Firbas, PhDr., DrSc., Dr.h.c. (Leeds, United Kingdom; Leuven, Belgium; Turku, Finland) Golková, Eva | pdficon
[109]-116 The Callan Method or "English in a quarter of the time" Hrehovčík, Teodor | pdficon
[117]-122 Marina Warner's Sibyls and their tales Franková, Milada | pdficon
[123]-131 Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine : racial otherness and conservative Englishness Kyzlinková, Lidia | pdficon
[133]-141 Cultural cross-pollination in Willa Cather's Death comes for the archbishop Prajznerová, Kateřina | pdficon
[143]-152 Doubling as the device of focalizing in Shakespeare's Henry IV Rysová, Markéta | pdficon
[153]-160 Is there a new trend in literary and culture criticism? Flajšar, Jiří | pdficon
[161]-162 [Qian, Jun. Towards a relational-perspective approach to syntactic semantics] Chamonikolasová, Jana | pdficon


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