The Central European journal of Canadian studies 2012, vol. 8, iss. [1]

Publication year
1213-7715 (print)
2336-4556 (online)
Interview – Entretien
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7-10 Bringing Canada to Central Europe's stages : an interview with Michael Devine Blake, Jason; Devine, Michael | pdficon
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13-21 Parler à un solitaire : l'expérience unique d'une rencontre avec Jacques Poulin Voiculescu, Liliana | pdficon
23-30 "I will not cease to be" : voicing the alternative in Beth Brant's "A Long Story" Kostić, Milena; Lopičić, Vesna | pdficon
31-44 Motherhood and mother-daughter relations in Janice Kulyk Keefer's The Ladies' Lending Library Suchacka, Weronika | pdficon
45-53 The use of weather images by Canadian ethnic short story writers Nagy, Judit | pdficon
55-59 A postmodernist version of Canadian identity : Ray Smith's "Cape Breton is the thought control centre of Canada" Bottez, Monica | pdficon
61-70 Neil Bissoondath's imaginary homeland : the search for possible places and space in A Casual Brutality Molnár, Judit | pdficon
71-76 Margaret Atwood – changing perspectives (some notes on the variability of Atwood's characters and themes) Huttová, Mária | pdficon
77-88 The man who wasn't there? : Larry Kent and his early Vancouver films Pospíšil, Tomáš | pdficon
89-102 Translation shifts and translator strategies in the Hungarian translation of Alice Munro's "Boys and girls" Bánhegyim Mátyás | pdficon
103-112 Pour en finir avec : lecture des pièces Le vrai monde? de Michel Tremblay et Le Chien de Jean Marc Dalpé Paprašarovski, Marija | pdficon
Reviews – Comptes rendus
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115-11 [Kyloušek, Petr et al. Us-them-me: the search for identity in Canadian literature and film ; Petr Kyloušek et al. My, oni, já: hledání identity v kanadské literatuře a filmu] Fiřtová, Magdalena | pdficon
117-119 [Gadpaille, Michelle. "As she should be": codes of conduct in early Canadian womenś writing] Blake, Jason | pdficon
119-121 [Yankova, Diana, ed. Canada: a view from without = Canada: un regard d'ailleurs] Sotirova, Asya | pdficon
Contributors – Collaborateurs
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[123]-127 Contributors | pdficon