La révolution de velours dans les romans de Sylvie Germain et de Pascale Tison

Source document: Études romanes de Brno. 2012, vol. 33, iss. 1, pp. [303]-311
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    1803-7399 (print)
    2336-4416 (online)
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In the report we parallel the two French-language novels, by Sylvie Germain and Pascale Tison, which deal with the velvet revolution in Prague. The French author in the novel Immensites focuses primarily on the internal transformation of its main character Prokop Poupa. This is more a personal revolution against the background of the historical one. While reading the poem "What God? A Man?" by Bridel, the man falls under the influence of the poem and opens himself to new dimension of his life and he begins to perceive God. The story of the heroes of the novel Le Velours de Prague by Belgian artist starts in 1968, by their emigration to Canada and continues their search for the "promised land". Their stories form a mosaic, which links together, this gives a picture of the time in which these human destinies were developed. The author recalls the symbolism of twenty years, in which the Czech history always brought significant changes. Both novels proof the fact that literature not only responds to events that change the course of history, but above all human destinies.
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