Osobnost Zdenky Jelínkové a česká etnochoreologie

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Zdenka Jelínková and Czech ethnochoreology
Source document: Pavlicová, Martina. Antonín Václavík (1891-1959) a evropská etnologie : kontexty doby a díla. Editor: Drápala, Daniel. Vyd. 1. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, Filozofická fakulta, 2010, pp. 147-155
The lifetime work of researcher Zdenka Jelínková (1920–2005) came to an end in 2005. Jelínková and several other experts were responsible for the birth of Czech ethnochoreology after World War II. Therefore, the foundation stone of a professional discipline based on the study of traditional culture in folklore studies had been laid. The personality of Zdenka Jelínková is entwined with a key stage of the development of this discipline, thanks to which ethnochoreology was not just a mere "collecting activity" but rather became a full-fledged discipline of ethnology. Not only does the article analyse the significance and heritage of Zdenka Jelínková's works, it also suggests opportunities for the further study of "the movement culture" from the point of view of ethnology.
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