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2019, vol. 6, iss. 2

Year: 2019
Publication year: 2019
ISSN: 2336-3452 (print)
ISSN: 2336-808X (online)

Table of contents:

11-13 Environment, democracy, and Convivium Foletti, Ivan; Scirocco, Elisabetta | pdficon
[16]-29 Aeizōon to amaranton : intercultural collaboration in a late Byzantine nature study Griebeler, Andrew | pdficon
[30]-45 "… dove l'epidemia fotografica si è diffusa" : architectural photographs in nineteenth-century Sicily Dercks, Ute | pdficon
[46]-59 Una mitra angioina perduta poi ritrovata : il problema dello smalto de plique tra Parigi e Napoli nel Trecento Distefano, Giampaolo | pdficon
[60]-77 The transfiguration and the Eikon of Christ : from Eusebius's letter to Costantina to the iconoclast era Bordino, Chiara | pdficon
[78]-97 Trecento panel painting between the courts of Naples and Hungary : a hypothesis for Simone Martini's Saint Ladislaus and a Painting of Christ on the Cross Kozlowski, Sarah K. | pdficon
[98]-119 Human flight on a fabulous superbird : uplifting images between Sicily and Khurasan Kapitaikin, Lev | pdficon
Chronicle and debates
[122]-127 The rediscovery of a Byzantine capital, reused as a baptismal font, in the Nativity Church, Bethlehem Bacci, Michele | pdficon
[128]-135 The Wolfgang Born – Kondakov Institute correspondence : art history, freedom, and the rising fear in the 1930s Palladino, Adrien | pdficon
138-142 [Wegener-Rieckesmann, Marcel. Bischof Gaudiosus, die heilige Restituta und die ecclesia Neapolitana Zu den Zeugnissen vandalenzeitlicher Exilanten und dem kulturellen nordafrikanischen Einfluss in Neapel sowie zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der örtlichen Bischofskirche zwischen dem 4. und 9. Jahrhundert] Croci, Chiara | pdficon
143-146 [The art of medieval Hungary, edited by Xavier Barral i Altet, Pál Lövei, Vinni Lucherini and Imre Takács] Hoch, Adrian S. | pdficon
147-150 [Armenia : art, religion, and trade in the Middle Ages. Edited by Helen C. Evans] Utidjian, Haig | pdficon
[152]-153 Photographic credits | pdficon


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