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Theory and Practice in English Studies
2021, vol. 10, iss. 1

Issue title: Theatre and popular culture in the English Restoration and Eighteenth Century
Year: 2021
Publication year: 2021
ISSN: 1805-0859
Note: Edited by Anna Mikyšková

Table of contents:

7-12 Editorial Mikyšková, Anna | pdficon
Research Articles
15-27 The concept of femininity in Davenant's Macbeth Bilská, Eva | pdficon
29-47 "The nation's weather-glass a play-house is" : theatre in the prologues and epilogues of the Exclusion Crisis Janská, Kristýna | pdficon
49-62 Haunted purgatory : Boccaccio's Decameron 3.8 as an eighteenth-century afterpiece Krajník, Filip | pdficon
63-77 Clapping to a criminal : the Jack Sheppard craze of the 1720s Škrobánková, Klára | pdficon
79-100 Dressed in the trappings of a sentimental heroine : costuming Shakespeare's Juliet on the eighteenth-century English stage Banner, Jessica | pdficon
Academic Note
103-106 Marring the plot : Susanna Centlivre's The Busybody and the critique of heteronormativity Alexander, Laura | pdficon
Interviews, Reviews, Conference Reports
109-121 "With Several Entertainments of Dancing" : interview with dance historian Moira Goff about dancing on the London restoration and eighteenth-century stage Mikyšková, Anna; Goff, Moira | pdficon
123-127 Production review : from page to Zoom with love and masks Wiseman, Sharon | pdficon
129-132 [Gardner, Matthew; DeSimone, Alison Clark. Music and the Benefit Performance in Eighteenth-Century Britain] Škrobánková, Klára | pdficon
133-137 Revisiting restoration performance culture for the second time : restoration online symposium #2, "Theatre, Society and Politics" Krajník, Filip | pdficon


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