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The Central European journal of Canadian studies
2021, vol. 16, iss. [1]

Year: 2021
Publication year: 2021
ISSN: 1213-7715 (print)
ISSN: 2336-4556 (online)
ISBN: 978-80-280-0034-9
ISBN: 978-80-280-0035-6

Table of contents:

Interview – Entretien
5-12 "The wisdom of the body" : an interview with Angie Abdou Abdou, Angie; Blake, Jason | pdficon
13-19 "Just trying to get comfortable inside existence" : an interview with Ken Norris Norris, Ken; Mele, Jim | pdficon
21-24 "...choses qui ne s'expliquent pas" : entretien avec Pan Bouyoucas Bouyoucas, Pan; Kürtösi, Katalin | pdficon
25-41 To "hunger ... for wild sensations" : 'playing Indian' in Hungary Kürtösi, Katalin | pdficon
43-54 "Fixed indissolubly" : problematic images of femininity in Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman Krausz, Katinka | pdficon
55-67 The French shore as a neuralgic point of Anglo–French relations : a contribution to the history of one rivalry Hennlichová, Marcela | pdficon
69-78 Metamorphosis and hybridity in Margaret Atwood's Angel Catbird Kenyeres, János | pdficon
79-92 "Something-we-can't-see-is-causing-us-to-die" books : pandemics and Canadian literature Sparling, Don | pdficon
93-105 A woman reading the river : the Saskatchewan as a contact zone Stevanović, Natalija; Lopičić, Vesna | pdficon
Reviews – Comptes rendus
107-111 [Atwood, Margaret. Freedom] Gadpaille, Michelle | pdficon
113-115 [Dobozy, Tamas. Ghost geographies: fictions] Blake, Jason | pdficon
117-118 "Fiction" : Graeme Williamson Težak, Katja | pdficon


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