O jednom typu maďarské jazykové maintenance

Název: O jednom typu maďarské jazykové maintenance
Variantní název:
  • On one type of language maintenance in Hungarian
Zdrojový dokument: Slavica litteraria. 2011, roč. 14, č. 1, s. [21]-39
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    1212-1509 (print)
    2336-4491 (online)
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This contact linguistics (CL) contribution to research into mother tongue maintenance is based on manifestations of Hungarian students of czech during their course of study at the Faculty of arts, Péter Pázmány Catholic University in Piliscsaba, reflecting the violation of the Standard Czech Norm in their papers. The author of the present contribution was their Professor of Czech language at that period of study. The collected and analysed linguistic material goes back to the decade starting 1997. The theoretical part of the contribution brings a concise delimitation of the basic CL terms: a natural language – epiteton constans of every (healthy) man. A mother tongue and its privilege of being communicatively omnifunctional for its speaker in all his/her real-life situations. Language communication as a functional aspect of a language contact. The study of language contacts as a specific branch of linguistic research, namely contact linguistics, investigates the initial circumstances, character proper and consequences of the mutual contact among two or more language systems, studies all language contacts regardless of functional validity of the participating language systems, and consequently, learns the language system in its development. Every language contact leads to a language conflict and further (a) to mutual influence of the participating language structures (with potential assimilation consequences) and, simultaneously, (b) to the effort of each of the participating structures to survive, to be maintained, i.e. to their language maintenance. Within this maintenance, the competition criterion of the penetrating expressions is relevant: competing vs. non-competing (the maintenance does not actively start, remaining only latent; such a penetrating element may rightly be considered to be a welcome enrichment of the expressive potential of the assimilated language. Types of language maintenance: latent vs. apparent, desirable vs. undesirable, with appellatives vs. with proper nouns etc. The following part of the contribution represents excerpted samples of maintenance in operation (in italics) accompanied by the corresponding Standard czech forms (in Roman). Te synoptic view of the samples hitherto linguistically analysed is presented. The conclusion shapes the final part of the contribution. Language maintenance is a defensive factor of language development functioning continually. It is present in the manifestation of every language communication (being apparent only in the manifestation of language contact of the reciprocally competing elements). EAven if language development is always caused by a complex of mutually interrelated intralingual, extralingual and interlingual factors, yet the role of language maintenance, due to its nature, is essential in any CL analysis.
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