O logice, jejím předmětu a poslání - a také o jedné knize oceněné AV ČR

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On logic, its subject and mission – and on a book rewarded by Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic
Zdrojový dokument: Studia philosophica. 2011, roč. 58, č. 2, s. [3]-13
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    1803-7445 (print)
    2336-453X (online)
Type: Článek
Licence: Neurčená licence
The Author refers about the award bestowed to a book on logic and uses this opportunity to say some words: (a) about logic and its role in our life, (b) about mathematical and philosophical logic, (c) about a highly inspiring theory in philosophical logic whose author has been the late Czech logician Pavel Tichý and, finally, (d) about the rewarded book: M. Duží, B. Jespersen, P. Materna, Procedural Semantics for Hyperintensional Logic (Foundations and Applications of Transparent Intensional Logic), springer 2010 (awarded by Academy of sciences of czech Republic for a scientific outcome). A very brief survey of the subject of logic (mathematical as well as philosophical logic) precedes a brief characteristic of some important notions and principles of TIL. The Author tries to convince the Reader that logic in general, philosophical logic in particular and, in the end, TIL need not be as famous as modern physic and Einstein but that all the same their mediate influence on science and "mental hygiene" is arguably great. Some specific features of TIL (as compared with other comparable theories) are referred to and positively evaluated.
  • Tato stať byla vypracována s podporou Grantové agentury ČR, projekt č. P401/10/0792.