Anatomical adjectives with the components -ideus and -formis

Název: Anatomical adjectives with the components -ideus and -formis
Zdrojový dokument: Graeco-Latina Brunensia. 2012, roč. 17, č. 2, s. [205]-213
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    1803-7402 (print)
    2336-4424 (online)
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This contribution presents some observations on the expression of formal similarity in anatomical nomenclature using composite adjectives with the specific feature of the suffixes –eides, es (in the latinized version –ideus, a, um) and –formis, e. Using selected, terminologically interesting documents, the significant changes and modifications are pointed out, which the terms in this distinct and homogeneous group have undergone in the course of their development from ancient times to the present. Whereas the majority of adjectives with the suffix –ideus, which predominate in the terminological sets, have their origin in ancient Greek, the Latin component –formis started being used in the terminology in the modern age, and its productivity is much lower.