Komunikacja międzykulturowa jako przyszłość slawistyki

Název: Komunikacja międzykulturowa jako przyszłość slawistyki
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  • Intercultural communication as the future of the Slavonic studies
Zdrojový dokument: Новая русистика. 2013, roč. 6, č. Supplementum, s. [3]-11
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    1803-4950 (print)
    2336-4564 (online)
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The Slavonic studies should be looked at from the perspective of a changed communication resulting from ambivalent globalization processes, where the image of the world is reduced simultaneously with providing an immediate access to information and knowledge. The activities that enrich and reduce within different domains make the numerous viewpoints yield to a communication uniformity, for example by language. The fact that the Slavic languages and cultures are pushed to the category exotic by the English language results from that phenomenon. A reorganization of the curriculum of the Slavonic studies based on cultural translatology is a chance for preserving differences within the global community, since one can truly participate in intercultural communication through translation, which serves the community and makes it possibile to retain the difference and respect for otherness.