When we are them : an analysis of the portrayal of unemployed and migrating Britons in The Times

Název: When we are them : an analysis of the portrayal of unemployed and migrating Britons in The Times
Zdrojový dokument: Theory and Practice in English Studies. 2012, roč. 5, č. 2, s. [83]-99
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This article examines what strategies are used and what attitudes are expressed in British national quality press when reporting on Britons in the role of migrant workers or the unemployed. The analysis is based on newspaper articles published by The Times (timesonline.co.uk) in March 2009, and aims to explore the areas of lexis which offer space for evaluation both in the authorial text and in the quotations. The article also concentrates on evaluative language employed in these newspaper articles to show an explicit or implicit position to what is reported. The main focus here is on the positions which are present in descriptions of the participants in the texts as their positive and negative assessment, and the effect of such positioning on the reader.
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