The Central European journal of Canadian studies 2014, roč. 9, č. [1]

Rok vydání
1213-7715 (print)
2336-4556 (online)
Interview – Entretien
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5-15 A long-distance talk with George Elliott Clarke Clarke, George Elliott; Olos, Ana; Bud, Crina | pdficon
17-26 Four poems Clarke, George Elliott | pdficon
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27-44 Aspects of Canadian multiculturalism : history, policy, theory and impact Kenyeres, János | pdficon
45-57 Les usages de la notion de transculturel dans le discours médiatique Simonffy, Zsuzsa | pdficon
59-71 The intricate nature of the cross-town journey in Rawi Hage's Cockroach Molnár, Judit | pdficon
73-83 From animal story to animal as symbol Bottez, Monica | pdficon
85-94 Reimagining Canada: Sharon Pollock's The Komagata Maru Incident Cvetković, Tanja | pdficon
95-110 High and Low Canadian Literary Products in Post-Communist Romania Petraru, Ana-Magdalena | pdficon
111-122 Literary criticism as cultural ideology: the Slovenian and the Canadian perspective Potocco, Marcello | pdficon
123-136 Serbian memes in the Canadian diaspora: a  case of cultural compromise Lopičić, Vesna | pdficon
Reviews – Comptes rendu
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137-140 [Kürtösi, Katalin, ed. Canada in eight tongues: translating Canada in Central Europe = Le Canada en huit langues: traduire le Canada en Europe centrale] Eszter, Szenczi | pdficon
141-143 [Lopičić, Vesna, ed. Migrating memories: Central Europe in Canada. Volume 1, Literary anthology ; Albu, Rodica, ed. Migrating memories: Central Europe in Canada. Volume 2, Oral histories] Badinská, Mária; Manek, Bohuslav | pdficon
144-146 [Flajšar, Jiří; Flajšarová, Pavlína; Fonfárová, Vladimíra. Chapters in contemporary Canadian literature] Anténe, Petr | pdficon
147-150 [Thompson, Andrew S. In defence of principles: NGOs and human rights in Canada] Romaniuk, Scott N. | pdficon
151-153 [Cormack, Patricia; Cosgrave, James F. Desiring Canada: CBC contests, hockey violence, and other stately pleasures] Blake, Jason | pdficon
154-156 [Kürtösi, Katalin. Modernism on the "margin" - the "margin" on modernism: manifestations in Canadian culture] Sparling, Don | pdficon
157 "Canada: a conservative society?" : 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries : Grainau, Germany, 22-24 February 2013 Yankova, Eliza | pdficon
158-159 "The Dynamics of Communication(s) in Multi/inter/trans/cultural Canada" : 5th Unconventional Conference of Young Canadianists : Baia Mara, Romania, 19-20 September 2013 Drăcea-Chelsoi, Marilena | pdficon