Dvojí Triumf : slavobrána olomouckých jezuitů z roku 1699

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A dual triumph : the triumphal arch built by the Jesuits of Olomouc in 1699
Zdrojový dokument: Opuscula historiae artium. 2016, roč. 65, č. 1, s. 34-55
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This paper focuses on a series of baroque festivities that in the late 17th century were organised by the Jesuit College and university in Olomouc to mark special occasions associated with the ruling dynasty. To celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Karlowitz (26 January 1699) and the wedding of Josef I and Wilhelmine Amalia Brunswick- Lüneburg (15 January 1699) on 24 February 1699 the Jesuits of Olomouc built a monumental work of ephemeral architecture. Installation of the work and the preparation and course of the festivities are documented in the diary notes of the Rector of the Jesuit College. The iconography of the triumphal arch is analysed by comparing a print that roughly recorded the appearance of the work and a detailed description of it written in Latin that was published separately. From a combination of these three visual and written sources it is possible to relatively accurately reconstruct the appearance of the triumphal arch and of the festivities as a whole. The analysis also devotes attention to the connections of some of the allegorical motifs in the work to loci communes of the symbols of the Habsburg dynasty. The work was extensively decorated with emblems, which was something typical for the Jesuits. Therefore, the study also outlines the relationship of the Jesuits to emblems and their use in practice. The appendix to the study contains a copy of Trophaeum geminum from 1699 describing the work and its Czech translation.
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