The Central European journal of Canadian studies 2018, roč. 12-13, č. [1]

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1213-7715 (print)
2336-4556 (online)
Interview – Entretien
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5-21 The choreography of words : an interview with Montreal poet Endre Farkas Zsizsmann, Éva; Farkas, Endre | pdficon
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23-38 Canadienne, américaine, francophone et/ou autochtone : quel destin pour la littérature québécoise? Klaus, Peter | pdficon
39-49 Tocqueville, Beaumont, Democracy in America, and (Lower) Canada Sparling, Don | pdficon
51-62 The book cover as an artistic statement and a cultural phenomenon : a Canadian example Tutek, Nikola | pdficon
63-77 Canada: the inconspicuous silent dreamer on the other-side of the Americas Kodó, Krisztina | pdficon
79-92 Constructing diasporic identities in Austin Clarke's The Origin of Waves Cvetković, Tanja | pdficon
93-102 L'exil d'espèce dans le roman Espèces de Ying Chen Prada, Georgeta | pdficon
103-118 Cinderella writes back : Sara Jeannette Duncan's Mary Trent as Canada personified Klepač, Tihana | pdficon
119-131 (Un)seeing is (un)belonging : the power of sight in "Vision" by Alistair MacLeod and "Eyestone" by D. R. MacDonald Kostov, Alexander | pdficon
133-144 Multicultural identity negotiation in recent Canadian mixed-blood narratives : Boyden's Three Day Road Kádár, Judit Ágnes | pdficon
145-154 Quebec City as portrayed in Guardian : The Lonely Great God (2016) Nagy, Judit; Jeong, Sangjun | pdficon
155-168 Defining motherhood : three Canadian short stories Ignjatović, Sanja | pdficon
169-176 René Derouin : art et américanité Millet, Véronique | pdficon
177-189 Perceptions and misperceptions of Canada among non-Canadian students Yankova, Diana; Andreev, Andrei | pdficon
Reviews – Comptes rendus
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191-194 [Olos, Ana. Circumstantial poems, plagiaries and versifications = Versuri de circumstanţă, plagiate şi mici însăilări ; Ştefoi, Elena. Canadian postcards] Sparling, Don | pdficon
195-196 [Gabryś, Marcin; Soroka, Tomasz. Canada as a selective power: Canada's role and international position after 1989] Froehling, Kenneth | pdficon
197-202 [Kenyeres, János; Nagy, Judit; Sepsi, Enikő; Vassányi, Miklós (eds.) Indigenous perspectives of North America: a collection of studies] Kövi, Franciska | pdficon
203-205 [Kruk, Laurie. Double-voicing the Canadian short story] Blake, Jason | pdficon