Einige Bemerkungen zu Übersetzungen ausgewählter Romane von Thomas Bernhard aus den 80er Jahren

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Some remarks on translations of selected novels by Thomas Bernhard from the 1980s
Autor: Trna, Jan
Zdrojový dokument: Brünner Beiträge zur Germanistik und Nordistik. 2018, roč. 32, č. 1, s. 83-96
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    1803-7380 (print)
    2336-4408 (online)
Type: Článek
Licence: Neurčená licence
The aim of this paper is to analyze Bernhard's specific features which distinguish his literary language and which also represent problematic translation issues. The translation analysis with respect to the Czech language system was based on three primary texts: Wittgenstein's Nephew, The Cheap-Eaters, and Woodcutters translated by Miroslav Petříček, Tomáš Dimter, Marek Nekula in the corresponding order and it described the characteristics of Bernhard's language at the stylistic, syntactic, and lexical level. Moreover, I tried to identify their translation approaches and to comment on their diverse strategies for solving translation issues.