Krisenerzählungen : Selbstmord und Gegenwartsliteratur

Název: Krisenerzählungen : Selbstmord und Gegenwartsliteratur
Variantní název
Narrating crisis : Suicide and contemporary literature
Zdrojový dokument: Brünner Beiträge zur Germanistik und Nordistik. 2018, roč. 32, č. Supplementum, s. 153-167
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    1803-7380 (print)
    2336-4408 (online)
Type: Článek
Licence: Neurčená licence
This article shows how three major voices of contemporary German literature – Rainald Goetz, Terézia Mora and Kathrin Röggla – try to deal with writing in times of a permanent discourse on crisis in the years since 2001. Because the thinking of crisis takes away the notion of future as possibility the texts of Goetz, Mora and Röggla focus on conflicts between the present and its pasts. Central for those stories is the figure of suicide that implies such a relation of time concepts. Thus, it can be shown how Goetz, Mora and Röggla develop a sense of a shift in the conceptualization of time that contemporary theorists like Mark Fisher or Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht are addressing in their texts as well.