Convivium 2021, roč. 8, č. Supplementum 2

Název čísla
Spoliation as Translation: Medieval Worlds in the Eastern Mediterranean
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2336-3452 (print)
2336-808X (online)
  • edited by Ivana Jevtić & Ingela Nilsson with the collaboration of Zuzana Frantová
  • This supplementary issue was carried out within the frame of the research program "Retracing Connections: Byzantine Storyworlds in Greek, Arabic, Georgian, and Old Slavonic (c. 950 – c. 1100)" (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, m19-0430:1).
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11-17 Towards an empathetic approach to material and literary spolia Jevtić, Ivana; Nilsson, Ingela | pdf icon
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[20]-37 Imitation as spoliation, reception as translation : the art of transforming things in Byzantium Nilsson, Ingela | pdf icon
[38]-59 Speaking antiquity: ancient spolia as a visual koine in the medieval Mediterranean (12th to 15th Century) Mathews, Karen Rose | pdf icon
[60]-75 Spolia and textual reincarnations: a reassessment of the Hagia Sophia's history Arslan, C. Ceyhun | pdf icon
[76]-97 Antiquarian displays of spolia and Roman identity: San Marco, Merbaka, and the Seljuk caravanserais Bergmeier, Armin F. | pdf icon
[98]-115 Spoiling the Hellenes: intertextuality, appropriation, embedment: the case of the Christos Paschon Mullett, Margaret | pdf icon
[116]-131 Eustathios' Homeric commentaries: translating Homer and spoliating ancient traditions van den Berg, Baukje | pdf icon
[132]-155 Reuse and remodeling in the Late Byzantine world: the Church of Bogorodica Ljeviška in Prizren Jevtić, Ivana | pdf icon
[156]-177 Translating spolia: a recent discovery of fragments from the walls of Seljuk Konya and their afterlives Yalman, Suzan | pdf icon
[178]-191 Translating and spoliating the Byzantines: the receptions and remodelings of a Komnenian novel in early modern France Hallenberg, Emelie | pdf icon
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194-199 Postscript: The Meaning of Ruins Heilo, Olof | pdf icon
hidden section Photographic credits
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[200]-201 Photographic credits | pdf icon
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[202] Selected publications of the Centre for Early Medieval Studies, Department of Art History, Masaryk University | pdf icon