Brno studies in English 1997, roč. 23, č. 1

Rok vydání
  • Brno studies in English, Volume 23 (1997) vyšel v rámci řady Sborník prací filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity, Řada S, anglistická jako číslo S3.
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[9]-14 A tribute to Professor Josef Vachek Firbas, Jan | pdficon
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[15]-42 Bibliography of Professor Josef Vachek's works Hladký, Josef | pdficon
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[43]-50 On the communicative functions of nucleus bearers : a contrastive study of Czech and English Chamonikolasová, Jana | pdficon
[51]-85 On some basic issues of the theory of functional sentence perspective. IV, (Some thoughts on Marie Luise Thein's critique of the theory) Firbas, Jan | pdficon
[87]-94 A note on the semantics of body part movements Kudrnáčová, Naděžda | pdficon
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[95]-104 Molly Keane's black comedy : a critique of a class Franková, Milada | pdficon
[105]-114 Wole Soyinka: A scourge of hyacinths Gilbertová, Iva | pdficon
[115]-127 Social issues in Agatha Christie's mysteries: class, crime, country, clothes and children Kyzlinková, Lidia | pdficon
[129]-144 "God the linguist teaches us to breathe" : Ivan Blatný's poems in English Redding, Arthur | pdficon
[145]-150 National identity, international life-styles and cosmopolitan culture in Margaret Atwood's "Significant moments in the life of my mother", "Hurricane Hazel" and "Unearthing suite" Rubik, Margarete | pdficon
[151]-160 Historical fiction and Douglas Glover's The life and times of Captain N. Sparling, Don | pdficon
Cultural Studies
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[161]-172 Exercising the ghosts of locality : a few notes Hardy, Stephen Paul | pdficon
Translation Studies
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[173]-180 Czech translations of The ancient mariner : what were Sládek's errors mentioned by Josef Palivec? Rambousek, Jiří | pdficon
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[181]-183 [Nida, Eugene A. The sociolinguistics of interlingual communication] Golková, Eva | pdficon
183-184 [Jones, Daniel. English pronouncing dictionary. Edited by Peter Roach and James Hartman] Urbanová, Ludmila | pdficon