Vermessung Deutschlands mit Odo Marquard

Název: Vermessung Deutschlands mit Odo Marquard
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  • Surveying Germany with O. Marquard behind the back – What Surveying Germany owes to O. Marquard
Zdrojový dokument: Pro-Fil. 2015, roč. 16, č. 2, s. [12]-22
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The lecture focuses on the role of O. Marquard in the discussions on post-war Germany. His study The Difficulties with Philosophy of History is introduced as a valuable guide to the characterization of the main features of the reflection of German identity and it outlines the ways to the resolution of a stalemate that this theme has reached in both literary and non-literary texts. In this study, the clash between philosophy of history and anthropology, which Marquard outlined and which resulted in his sceptical stance, is applied outside philosophy. It describes repeated conflicts between German historians and enables an apt characterization of the changes in the discussions on German identity in the works of German authors – Marquard's contemporaries – such as Martin Walser, Günter Grass or H. M. Enzensberger.
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