Brno studies in English 2010, vol. 36, iss. 1

Publication year
0524-6881 (print)
1805-0867 (online)
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[5]-27 Dialect and vernacular features in Late Modern English correspondence : beginnings of a quest Dossena, Marina | pdficon
[29]-45 Syntactic construction, information structure and textual role : an interface view of the cleft sentence Dušková, Libuše | pdficon
[47]-76 N+N compounding in English : semantic categories and the weight of modifiers Fernández-Domínguez, Jesús | pdficon
[77]-94 Intonation in discourse : why do Czech speakers of English not always use it to enhance the meaning? Headlandová-Kalischová, Irena | pdficon
[95]-101 Observational linguistics, neologisms, entrenchment, and the Tea Party Movement Lipka, Leonhard | pdficon
[103]-121 Contextual functions of predicated themes in written text : Alan Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country (1948) as dialogue with apartheid South Africa Martínez Lirola, María; Smith, Bradley | pdficon
[123]-134 Terminology today: a science, an art or a practice? : some aspects on terminology and its development Sageder, Dagmar | pdficon
Literary and cultural studies
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[135]-146 Power, pain, and manipulation in Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood Labudová, Katarína | pdficon
[147]-154 Scotland as a space of the imagi-nation in Alasdair Gray's Poor Things Lewandowska, Dominika | pdficon
[155]-164 Salinger's nascent Buddhism: non-dualism, siddha and wu wei in "Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut" Madigan, Andrew | pdficon
[165]-173 "It is America I can't contain" : poetry and identity in Anne Stevenson's Correspondences Malcolm, David | pdficon
[175]-189 Translation and performance : the presentation of Shakespeare in Pilsen in the context of social and political events in the 20th and 21st centuries Mišterová, Ivona | pdficon
[191]-203 Representations of history in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man Szmańko, Klara | pdficon
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[205]-209 [Johnson, Sally; Ensslin, Astrid, ed. Language in the Media] Chovanec, Jan | pdficon
[211]-212 [Wordsworth, William; Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; Southey; Robert. Tušivá rozpomnění: jezerní básníci (Shadowy recollections: the lake poets)] Drábek, Pavel | pdficon
[213]-220 [Norrick, Neal R.; Chiaro, Delia, ed. Humor in interaction] Dynel, Marta | pdficon
[221]-223 [Cobley, Paul, ed. The Routledge companion to semiotics] Hardy, Stephen Paul | pdficon
Page Title
224 Brno Studies in English | pdficon
hidden section Guidelines for authors
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225 Guidelines for authors | pdficon