Brno studies in English 2011, vol. 37, iss. 1

Publication year
0524-6881 (print)
1805-0867 (online)
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[5]-19 Towards a syntactic-semantic typology of presentation scale sentences in fiction narratives Adam, Martin | pdficon
[21]-39 A preliminary study on the function of silent pauses in L1 and L2 speakers of English and German Bilá, Magdalena; Džambová, Anna | pdficon
[41]-61 Stranger than fiction? : a few methodological notes on linguistic research in film discourse Dynel, Marta | pdficon
[63]-78 "That's an interesting question, indeed, not only for you and I": a (non-systematic) fluctuation of personal pronoun forms Krejčová, Ela | pdficon
[79]-95 Ludic language : the case of the punning echoic allusion Lennon, Paul | pdficon
[97]-111 Metaphors of weather in Canadian short prose Nagy, Judit | pdficon
[113]-124 Getting past the gatekeepers : membership and identity in 5-Live's "World Football Phone-in" Ponton, Douglas | pdficon
[125]-138 Speaker design in the context of Southern American English : process models and empirical evidence Soukup, Barbara | pdficon
[139]-151 Multi-functionality of metaphor in newspaper discourse Trčková, Dita | pdficon
[153]-160 The analysis of gender markers in animals Zemková, Ludmila | pdficon
Literary and cultural studies
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[161]-172 Pop culture in Mark Ravenhill's plays Shopping and fucking and Faust is dead Kostić, Milena | pdficon
[173]-190 The one about Coyote going West : mimesis and ethics in multicultural literary landscapes of Canada and Australia Polak, Iva | pdficon
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192 Brno Studies in English | pdficon
hidden section Guidelines for authors
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193 Guidelines for authors | pdficon