Dvojí pohled na dialogické jednání

Variant title
A double view of dialogical acting
Author: Chrz, Vladimír
Source document: Theatralia. 2011, vol. 14, iss. 2, pp. 130-160
  • ISSN
    1803-845X (print)
    2336-4548 (online)
Type: Article
License: Not specified license
In its first part, the study applies John Heron's participatory method on dialogical acting. Heron's approach focuses primarily on the concept of figure formed due to interplay of two complementary processes – individuation and participation. Using the epistemology of the participatory approach, various ways of participation in dialogical acting are investigated. In the second part, dialogical acting is perceived through Vyskočil's performance Tajný tajný. Successively, dialogical acting is studied in context with such terms as imaginary illusion, superficial participation, power, confidentiality, pananoid interpretation, self-realization, disqualification, and fair play.
  • Text vznikl v rámci řešení projektu GA AV ČR IAA701840901 Dialogické jednání v individuálním, skupinovém a kulturním kontextu.
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