Graeco-Latina Brunensia 2013, vol. 18, iss. 1

Publication year
1803-7402 (print)
2336-4424 (online)
Page Title
[3]-22 Zur Problematik der Akzentqualität im klassischen Latein Adamik, Béla | pdficon
[23]-38 The latin construction dicere quod revisited Cuzzolin, Pierluigi | pdficon
[39]-56 The epic character of spondaic verses in Juvenal Franczyk-Cegła, Agnieszka | pdficon
[57]-74 Presocratic philosophy and the origins of religion Franek, Juraj | pdficon
[75]-84 Public meetings in ancient Rome : definitions of the contiones in the sources Frolov, Roman M. | pdficon
[85]-93 The Institutes of Oratory as inspiration and source for Juvenal Gellérfi, Gergő | pdficon
[95]-106 The cult of Bendis in Athens and Thrace Janouchová, Petra | pdficon
[107]-116 Yannis Ritsos and Czechoslovakia : Anthology of Czech and Slovak poets Keslová, Tereza | pdficon
[117]-130 Ekphrasis im spätantiken Epos : die Dionysiaka des Nonnos von Panopolis Kröll, Nicole | pdficon
[131]-148 The distinctive features and main goals of Athenian imperialism in 5th century BC Kubala, Lukáš | pdficon
[149]-158 Severitas and clementia in punishing the crimen maiestatis from Principate to Dominate Melounová, Markéta | pdficon
[159]-170 Killing of Eratosthenes between reality and mime (or, was Lysias 1 really pronounced?) Nývlt, Pavel | pdficon
[171]-183 Learning Russian via Latin in the 17th century Roth, Kevin | pdficon
[185]-197 The medieval tradition of the fables of Romulus Vámos, Hanna | pdficon
[199]-212 Horace, Romanae fidicen lyrae? : analysis of some musical metaphors found in Horace's Carmina Wysłucha, Kamila | pdficon
[213]-222 Kommentare in dem Briefsteller Formularius epistolarum Žákovská, Soňa | pdficon
Page Title
[223]-226 [Senatore, Felice, ed. Karl Julius Beloch da Sorrento nell'Antichità alla Campania : atti del convegno storiografico in memoria di Claudio Ferone, Piano di Sorrento, 28 marzo 2009] Cappelletti, Loredana | pdficon
226-230 [Horáček, Filip; Chlup, Radek. Učebnice klasické řečtiny] Franek, Juraj | pdficon
231-233 [Moravová, Magdalena, ed. et al. Ráj, peklo a očistec ve středověkých viděních] Matějová, Judita | pdficon
233-235 [Riché, Pierre; Verger, Jacques. Učitelé a žáci ve středověku] Žákovská, Soňa | pdficon
Page Title
[236] Graeco-Latina Brunensia | pdficon
Page Title
[237]-[238] Podmínky přijímání příspěvků | pdficon