Interjections in the novel Dead souls by N.V. Gogol

Title: Interjections in the novel Dead souls by N.V. Gogol
Author: Čarkić, Alma
Source document: Čarkić, Alma. N. V. Gogol: Bytí díla v prostoru a čase : (studie o živém dědictví). Dohnal, Josef (Editor); Pospíšil, Ivo (Editor). V Tribunu EU vyd. 1. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, Ústav slavistiky Filozofické fakulty, 2010, pp. 49-60
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Interjections in the Serbian Translation of Dead Souls by N. V. Gogol. In exploring interjections in the Serbian translation of Dead Souls by N. V. Gogol, we discovered that two kinds of interjections occur in it: primary interjections such as: a, ah, ao, e, ej, ih, jao, o, oh, etc. (= ah, hey, oh, ouch, ooh, etc.), and secondary interjections such as: bože, bogami, da, ne, eto, evo, zbogom (= god, indeed, yes, no, look, there, so long, etc.). Only 448 interjections were found in the translation. There are 299 primary interjections, and 159 secondary ones. The difference of 140 in favour or primary interjections demonstrates their dominance, which was not the case with the ratio of these interjections in the original text. We will compare the data obtained on the presence and kind of interjections with the findings of M. Čarkić who has conducted an exploration of interjections in the original text of Dead Souls. It is important to stress that interjections occur in speech between characters, that as a means of expression they belong only to the characters, not the narrator, and that they colour the dialogue in terms of sensations and emotions, giving it expressiveness.