К вопросу о чешских переводах "Петербургских повестей" Н.В. Гоголя

Title: К вопросу о чешских переводах "Петербургских повестей" Н.В. Гоголя
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K voprosu o češskich perevodach "Peterburgskich povestej" N.V. Gogolja
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  • On Czech translations of N.V. Gogol's Tales of Petersburg
Source document: Richterek, Oldřich. N. V. Gogol: Bytí díla v prostoru a čase : (studie o živém dědictví). Dohnal, Josef (Editor); Pospíšil, Ivo (Editor). V Tribunu EU vyd. 1. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, Ústav slavistiky Filozofické fakulty, 2010, pp. 361-370
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The paper is based on the tradition of Czech translations of Gogol's oeuvre and demonstrates the latest approaches to it by means of an analysis of Petrohradské povídky translated by Anna Nováková. Besides her solution of the transfer of the name Bashmachkin, the protagonist of the tale Plášť (The Overcoat), the paper describes her interpretative strategies such as an accent on presenting Gogol's equivalent semantics and narrative style (including the natural character of expression), i.e. on the quality of the final metatext, which, through Gogol's view of the world, enriches not only the receiving Czech culture, but also the ability of portrayal in the contemporary Czech language.