Convivium 2016, vol. 3, iss. 1

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Classical heritage and Medieval innovation: illustrated texts from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages
Publication year
2336-3452 (print)
2336-808X (online)
Department FF MU
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8-11 Open to change, faithful to precepts Foletti, Ivan | pdf icon
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15-19 Classical heritage & medieval innovation : introduction Boreczky, Anna | pdf icon
Classical Heritage and Medieval Innovation : Illustrated Texts from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages
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22-39 The Christianity of Carolingian classicism Kessler, Herbert L. | pdf icon
40-59 Formgenese karolingischer Elfenbeine : Strukturen der Antikenrezeption Büchsel, Martin | pdf icon
60-75 Rediscovering antiquities and reviving the past : Byzantium during the 9th and 10th centuries Bollók, Ádám | pdf icon
76-91 The illustrated life of Apollonius and Tarsia : a "papyrus-style" narrative in Ottonian art Boreczky, Anna | pdf icon
92-105 Au sujet des architectures de l'Apollonius pictus : autour de la transmission de modèles à travers le Haut Moyen Âge Barral i Altet, Xavier | pdf icon
106-121 Continuous narration through scenic depictions : the Apollonius pictus Németh, András | pdf icon
122-135 La storia nei margini : i disegni dell'Orosio Vat. lat. 3340 tra eredità tardoantica e creazione medievale Orofino, Giulia | pdf icon
136-153 Iratusque est Cain vehementer... : Cain being wroth: a gap in the iconographic transmission in the Pyrenees Guardia, Milagros | pdf icon
154-171 Archaism, imitation, provincialism? : notes on the murals of Kosztolány - Kostoľany pod Tribečom Szakács, Béla Zsolt | pdf icon
172-203 A Syriac Four Gospel Book in Diyarbakır Bernabò, Massimo; Kessel, Grigory | pdf icon
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206-213 Leafing through Seminarium Kondakovianum, I. Studies on Byzantine Illumination Lovino, Francesco | pdf icon
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214 Copyright rules | pdf icon
hidden section Photographic credits
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214-215 Photographic credits | pdf icon