Sui pretiossisimi vultus Imago : Veronica e prassi indulgenziale nel XIII e all'inizio del XIV secolo

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Sui pretiossisimi vultus Imago : Veronica and the practice of indulgences in the 13th and at the beginning of the 14th century
"Sui pretiossisimi vultus Imago" : Veraikon a udílení odpustků ve 13. a na počátku 14. století
Source document: Convivium. 2017, vol. 4, iss. Supplementum, pp. [180]-193
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Both the "true icon" and "pardons" became especially popular during the thirteenth century. This paper considers the possible connection between the two phenomena by examining the history of papal indulgences connected with the veneration of Veronica during that period. The following questions are raised: When and how did the custom begin to supplicate and grant letters of indulgence to spread the cult of the precious relic? Who first took the initiative, the canons of St. Peter's or the popes? What consequences did these pardons have with regard to the practice of indulgences in Rome? What role did Veronica indulgences play for establishing the first Holy Year? The paper concludes that, even after the Jubilee of 1300 and the transfer of the Curia to Avignon, the Veronica continued to be associated with indulgences: this is evidenced by the illumination of numerous letters of indulgence collectively granted from curial prelates to petitioners throughout Europe.
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