Estetika jako teorie umělecké kritiky

Title: Estetika jako teorie umělecké kritiky
Source document: Pro-Fil. 2011, vol. 12, iss. 1, pp. [2]
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The goal of the lecture is to introduce Aesthetics as a theory of art critics. Seen in this way, the subject matter of Aesthetics is to be an analysis of art ctritics statements. Key concepts are presented: aesthetic judgment or art critics judgment, and supervenience. The subject matter of Aesthetics is – keeping with tradition – judgment about beauty, above all. A structured concept of beauty is presented. A boundary between nonaesthetic and aesthetic properties is said to be as an essential one – mutual dependence of both is shortly mentioned. Theories of Hume, Beardsley a Sibley are seen as basic ones for such kind of theorizing.