Lidový svaz – Zlatý úsvit : řecká krajní pravice v době krize

Title: Lidový svaz – Zlatý úsvit : řecká krajní pravice v době krize
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  • People's Association – Golden Dawn : the Greek far-right in times of crisis
Source document: Neograeca Bohemica. 2016, vol. 16, iss. [1], pp. [73]-98
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Type: Article
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Th is study focuses on the Greek far-right political party "People's Association – Golden Dawn" between 2010 and 2016. During this period, Greece faced several different types of crises including economic, political, social, and migration crises, all of which were extensively covered by international media. Based on definitions by Cas Mudde, this article aims to examine and present Golden Dawn's political goals and practical functioning. Using Golden Dawn's official documents, ideological articles, and related secondary literature, this paper analyses the party's political program, ideology, activities, organizational structures, symbolism, and election results. Although Golden Dawn shares many similarities with other European far-right organizations (such as hierarchical leadership, chauvinism, xenophobia), in many respects it proved to be more extremist. It stands out mainly due to its unconcealed racism, violence, terrorist methods, and subversive activities attacking the democratic foundations of the Greek state. For these reasons, it can be considered a threat to the stability of not only Greece but also the European Union.
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