Convivium 2021, vol. 8, iss. 1

Issue title
Objects beyond the senses : studies in honor of Herbert L. Kessler
Publication year
2336-3452 (print)
2336-808X (online)
  • Edited by Philippe Cordez and Ivan Foletti with the collaboration of Karolina Foletti
Department FF MU
hidden section Tabula gratulatoria
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[10]-[13] Tabula gratulatoria | pdf icon
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17-25 A Convivium with Herbert L. Kessler: sharing objects, sensory experiences, and medieval art history Foletti, Ivan; Cordez, Philippe | pdf icon
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[28]-51 Au-delà des sens, l'abstraction Debiais, Vincent; Gertsman, Elina | pdf icon
[52]-71 Optical games and spiritual frames: a reassessment of imitation-marble mosaics in late antique North Africa Dennis, Nathan S. | pdf icon
[72]-101 Beyond human grasp: the funeral of the Virgin on the "Wirksworth Stone" (Derbyshire) Dell'Acqua, Francesca | pdf icon
[102]-131 Golgotha im Kopf: Karl der Kahle und die karolingischen Elfenbeinkämme Cordez, Philippe | pdf icon
[132]-141 The sense of sight in the prologues of Theophilus Presbyter's De diversis artibus Adámková, Iva | pdf icon
[142]-165 Faithful crosses: on the survival of an early type of goldsmith's cross in late Medieval Catalonia Sureda i Jubany, Marc | pdf icon
[166]-185 Saints émaciés, reliques et images au Moyen Âge tardif: dynamiques visuelles et perspective du salut Volti, Panayota | pdf icon
[186]-217 Divine anamorphosis: the phenomenality of gold and chant in a fourteenth-century antiphonary from Santa Maria sopra Porta Pentcheva, Bissera V. | pdf icon
About Herbert L. Kessler
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221-238 L'Antiquité et les origines de la narrativité chrétienne en images dans l'œuvre d'Herbert L. Kessler: un parcours intellectuel Poilpré, Anne-Orange | pdf icon
241-249 Herbert L. Kessler : a visionary interpreter of medieval visual culture Palladino, Adrien | pdf icon
250-[259] List of publications | pdf icon
hidden section Photographic credits
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[260]-261 Photographic credits | pdf icon
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[263] Selected publications of the Centre for Early Medieval Studies, Department of Art History, Masaryk University | pdf icon