Vedic Slavism in Slovakia : ideology and practice

Title: Vedic Slavism in Slovakia : ideology and practice
Author: Kubisa, Tomáš
Source document: Religio. 2023, vol. 31, iss. 1, pp. [81]-101
  • ISSN
    1210-3640 (print)
    2336-4475 (online)
Type: Article

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The paper deals with religiously oriented groups with the umbrella name the Slavic–Aryan Vedas movement. This movement is unique in its teachings, which are Pagan at their core but significantly modified, incorporating other, mostly oriental traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism, ancient Egyptian religion, Judaism, and others). The article aims to provide a general overview of groups active in Slovakia. The main aim was to answer the following research questions. Are these groups a part of the Pagan milieu? What are the elements that are crucial for the ideology of Vedic Slavism? How are these elements manifested in practice? The study also explains the origins of these groups, the cultural context, and the creation of subgroups. The data presented in this study come from field research (2019–2021) using qualitative methods such as participatory observation, online ethnography, and autoethnography.
This text was produced with the support of the scientific research project "Ethnographic Research of Non-Religion and Secularism in Modern Slovak Society (life trajectories and stories)", VEGA 2/0060/19.