Studia paedagogica 2015, vol. 20, iss. 4

Publication year
1803-7437 (print)
2336-4521 (online)
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[5]-8 Mind the gap: or better still, bridge it! : editorial Novotný, Petr | pdficon
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[9]-32 The Dutch lifelong learning scene: continuing unresolved issues and two alternative perspectives Dellen, Theo van | pdficon
[33]-51 School administrator self-esteem and its relationship to trust in teachers Bilgin-Aksu, Mualla; Aksu, Türkan; Polat, Soner | pdficon
[53]-70 Beliefs of Czech teachers as a prerequisite for effective teaching Straková, Jana; Simonová, Jaroslava | pdficon
[71]-84 Mapping the relationship between higher education and sustainable development Holm, Claus; Martinsen, Anders | pdficon
[85]-107 Surrogate grandparents as actors in intergenerational learning Rabušicová, Milada; Pevná, Kateřina; Vařejková, Zuzana | pdficon
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[109]-122 Adult learning as a lifelong concern: interview with Peter Jarvis Jarvis, Peter; Rabušicová, Milada; Nehyba, Jan | pdficon
Emerging researchers
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[123]-138 Employability and learning transfer: what do students experience during their placements? Oliveira, Gisela | pdficon
[139]-153 "Let's pretend this [orange] is you!" : preschool children making meaning of a multimodal illustration offered at a Swedish Science Center Bergnell Karlsson, Anneli | pdficon
[155]-165 Cooperation between parents and schools from a student perspective Häbig, Julia | pdficon
Page Title
[167]-171 Learning to swim in a digital ocean Šmideková, Zuzana | pdficon