Studia paedagogica 2013, vol. 18, iss. 4

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1803-7437 (print)
2336-4521 (online)
hidden section Editorial
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[5]-8 Editorial Šeďová, Klára; Pol, Milan | pdficon
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[9]-36 Investigating dilemmas in teaching: towards a new form of pedagogical scholarship Lefstein, Adam; Israeli, Mirit; Pollak, Itay; Bozo-Schwartz, Maya | pdficon
[37]-56 Reflections on the focus of education in the Theresienstadt ghetto based on reports by Theresienstadt's educators Kasperová, Dana | pdficon
[57]-73 Looking at two sides of the same coin: phenomenologically oriented vignette research and its implications for teaching and learning Schratz, Michael; Schwarz, Johanna F.; Westfall-Greiter, Tanja | pdficon
[75]-92 Internal setting and organisational learning in schools Sedláček, Martin; Pol, Milan; Hloušková, Lenka; Lazarová, Bohumíra; Novotný, Petr | pdficon
[93]-113 Classification theories of foreign language learning strategies: an exploratory analysis Vlčková, Kateřina; Berger, Janek; Völkle, Manuel | pdficon
[115]-128 Internationalisation in higher education through a 'critical event' narrative inquiry: perspectives from three higher education systems Mertova, Patricie | pdficon
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[129]-134 The social neuroscience of education : a book review Nehyba, Jan | pdficon