Brno studies in English 2005, vol. 31, iss. 1

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  • Brno studies in English, Volume 31 (2005) vyšel v rámci řady Sborník prací filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity, Řada S, anglistická jako číslo S11.
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[11]-12 The sixtieth birthday of Ludmila Urbanová Chamonikolasová, Jana | pdficon
hidden section Remembering Jan Firbas
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[13]-18 Remembering Jan Firbas Newmark, Peter | pdficon
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[19]-33 Text typology of resolutions Dontcheva-Navratilova, Olga | pdficon
[35]-48 Oscillatory corporeal verbs from a semantico-syntactic perspective Kudrnáčová, Naděžda | pdficon
[49]-61 Some notes on interactive discourse items in spoken English Povolná, Renata | pdficon
[63]-72 Idioms inside out : money in English idioms Tkačuková, Tatiana | pdficon
[73]-84 Is stylistics a controversial branch of language study? Urbanová, Ludmila | pdficon
[85]-93 On the function of hedging devices in negatively polite discourse Wilamová, Sirma | pdficon
[95]-102 The translator as writer Newmark, Peter | pdficon
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[103]-109 Sounds and silences in the Jamaican household : Michelle Cliff's "Columba" Bloyd, Rebekah | pdficon
[111]-118 Changing perspectives on religion in African American women's autobiographies Bosničová, Nina | pdficon
[119]-127 František Nevrla's translation of Hamlet Drábek, Pavel | pdficon
[129]-137 Jane Rogers's novel explorations Franková, Milada | pdficon
[139]-146 Rendell/Vine: the historical universality of degradation between nations and genders Kyzlinková, Lidia | pdficon
[147]-154 Spies, bombers, liberators and lovers : images of Americans in Czech film Pospíšil, Tomáš | pdficon
[155]-174 Villains and the representations of evil in J.R.R. Tolkien's fiction of Middle-Earth Poveda, Jaume Albero | pdficon
[175]-183 Symbolic images of mimesis, tromp l'oeil and a veil in Shakespeare's The winter's tale Přidalová, Jana | pdficon
[185]-196 Intertextuality in Love among the ruins Vránová, Martina | pdficon