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The Central European journal of Canadian studies
2001, roč. 1, č. [1]

Rok: 2001
Rok vydání: 2001
ISSN: 2336-4556 (online)
ISBN: 80-210-2704-5


5-17 The gotic as adolescent fantasy : Alice Munro's Lives of girls and women Szalay, Edina | pdficon
18-23 Space narrated in recent multicultural literature in Canada (Ondaatje and Mistry) Molnar, Judit | pdficon
24-29 Canadian literature in Hungarian translation Kürtösi, Katalin | pdficon
30-37 Un sujet controversé : la nation canadienne - etude de cas : Margaret Laurence - The Diviners Ruiu, Adina | pdficon
38-45 Roles playing by Canada in changing international relations Zwolak, Jadwiga | pdficon
46-53 Representations of language and identity among English-speaking Canadians : focus on spelling Albu, Rodica | pdficon
Reviews – Critiques
55-56 [Godin, Jean-Cléo; Lafon, Dominique. Dramaturgies québécoises des années quatre-vingt] Kürtösi, Katalin | pdficon
57-59 [Abramowicz, Maciej. Le Québec au coeur [i.e. cœur] de la francophonie] Kwaterko, Józef | pdficon
60-61 [Jurak, Mirko; Maver, Igor (eds). Essays on Australian and Canadian literature] Kustec, Aleksander | pdficon
62-63 [Huston, Nancy. The Mark of the angel] Branach-Kallas, Anna | pdficon
Reports – Rapports
65 Yugoslav Association for Canadian studies (YACS) | pdficon
65-66 Recent activities in Canadian studies in Hungary | pdficon
66 Graduate seminar in Canadian studies : Brno, 16-18 October 2000 | pdficon
66-67 Polish association of Canadianists | pdficon


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