Kovové součásti středověkých oděvů získané archeologickými výzkumy v Jihlavě

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Metal elements of medieval clothing from archaeological research in Jihlava
Source document: Macháňová, Lenka. Ornament - oděv - šperk : archaické projevy materiální kultury. 1. vyd. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2009, pp. 160-169
Rescue research in Jihlava carried out in 2002–2006 yielded several dozen small metal elements of clothing. The majority of them were belt buckles and fittings. The most frequent buckles were those with a distinct, straight, rear bar; a major part of the contribution is devoted to them. The processing of finds of these metal components, which changed swiftly with period fashion trends, should help specify and/or confirm the dating of individual locations. Most of these objects came, on the basis of analogies and accompanying ceramic material, from the 13th century.
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