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Bohemica litteraria
2020, vol. 23, iss. 2

Year: 2020
Publication year: 2020
ISSN: 1213-2144 (print)
ISSN: 2336-4394 (online)

Table of contents:

7-9 Editorial James, Petra; Tlustý, Jan | pdficon
13-30 A guest from the unknown : Antigone and Jan Patočka's cultural criticism Bolton, Jonathan | pdficon
31-50 A message from a Bohemian "interculture" : Patočka's translation of Durych's Boží duha Chitnis, Rajendra | pdficon
51-68 On mastodons, Faust and tight hugs : Jan Patočka on literature James, Petra | pdficon
69-80 "New human possibilities" in Patočka's philosophy of literature Plunkett, Erin | pdficon
81-98 Contemplating literature with Jan Patočka : phenomenology as an inspiration for literary studies Tlustý, Jan | pdficon
99-116 Jan Patočka on structuralism : connections and relationships Sládek, Ondřej | pdficon
117-131 The mystery of art history : Patočka and Ingarden Josl, Jan | pdficon
From the archives
135-141 All that remains of an angel Kožmín, Zdeněk | pdficon
142-146 Patočka's concept of style and the aesthetic attitude Jankovič, Milan | pdficon


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