The Central European journal of Canadian studies 2002, roč. 2, č. [1]

Rok vydání
1213-7715 (print)
2336-4556 (online)
Page Title
7-14 The vision of Montréal in Gail Scott's novels Molnár, Judit | pdficon
15-26 Somatization of writing and semiotization of the body : a study of selected texts by English-Canadian feminist writers Sojka, Eugenia | pdficon
27-35 Between reality and fantasy : different means of escape in Margaret Atwood's Lady Oracle Cvetković, Tanja | pdficon
37-44 Representations of language and identity : focus on Canadian English lexis Albu, Rodica | pdficon
45-64 Freedom of speech and privacy on the Canadian Internet 1993-1998 Tóth, András György | pdficon
65-78 Pour une stylistique québécoise Vigh, Árpád | pdficon
79-93 De l'intériorité à la voix des autres : une étude des romans d'Anne Hébert Forget, Danielle; Kassim, Zarin | pdficon
95-108 Pour une poétique du dédale Simonffy, Zsuzsa | pdficon
109-113 A Bulgarian's glimpse of Canada : overview of translated literary works Yankova, Diana | pdficon
Reviews – Critiques
Page Title
117-118 [Ravvin, Norman. Hidden Canada: an intimate travelogue] Burke, Nancy | pdficon
119-120 [Virtual geography texts on Canada and Germany: VGT: final report and text units: interactive, trilingual, multimedia] Hynek, Alois; Kovaříková, Leona | pdficon
121-122 [Bussidor, Ila; Bilgen-Reinart, Üstün. Night spirits: the story of the relocation of the Sayisi Dene] Hlebowicz, Bartosz | pdficon
123-124 [Huston, Nancy. Dolce agonia] Branach-Kallas, Anna | pdficon
125-128 [Burke, Nancy. Zwierciadła pamięci = Mirrors of memory] Ziaja-Buchholtz, Mirosława | pdficon
129-130 [Homel, David. Osvajanje vrha (Get on ton)] Lopičić, Vesna | pdficon