The Central European journal of Canadian studies 2003, roč. 3, č. [1]

Rok vydání
1213-7715 (print)
2336-4556 (online)
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[7]-16 Minorities, multiculturalism and the constitution Espák, Gabriella T. | pdficon
[17]-30 Make yourself a home : Hungarian immigration and life in Canada during the Great Depression Tóth, György | pdficon
[31]-41 The representation of the speech of native Canadians in two modern Canadian dramas Pödör, Dóra | pdficon
[43]-55 Fragmente of memory : mainstream representation and Italian Canadian film and video L'Orfano, Francesca | pdficon
[57]-64 Frederick Philip Grove's immigrantship and the theory of wonder Kolinská, Klára | pdficon
[65]-74 Carving the names of "not-persons" : ex-centric perspectives on community in Jane Urquhart's The stone carvers Branach-Kallas, Anna | pdficon
[75]-81 The intricate relationship between space and autobiography : space narrated in I had a father by Clarke Blaise Molnár, Judit | pdficon
[83]-97 Message, medium and massage in the global village according to McLuhan Olos, Ana | pdficon
[99]-107 Temps d'Europe, temps d'Acadie : histoire et mémoire Gyurcsik, Margareta | pdficon
[109]-117 Du côté du corps qui (s')aime en (s')écrivant - l'image du corps chez les écrivaines féministes québécoises Oprea, Denisa | pdficon
[119]-132 Qu'est-ce que l'interdisciplinarité? : du comparatisme à l'épistémocritique dans le discours littéraire canadien Simonffy, Zsuzsa | pdficon
Reviews – Critiques
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[135]-137 [Obraz Kanady w Polsce (L'Image du Canada en Pologne)] Jarosz, Krzysztof | pdficon
[139]-141 [Henighan, Stephen. When words deny the world: the reshaping of Canadian writing] Palla, Mária | pdficon
[143]-144 [Atwood, Margaret. Telesna povreda (Bodily harm)] Lopičić, Vesna | pdficon
[145]-146 [Terminogramme numéro 101-102] Kadlec, Jaromír | pdficon
[147]-149 [Dobrzycki, Wiesław. System międzyamerykański (The Inter-American system)] Gabryś, Marcin | pdficon
Reports – Rapports
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[153]-155 "Canada in the European mind" : Debrecen, Hungary, 24-27 October 2002 Olos, Ana | pdficon
[157]-158 "Other language: otherness in Canadian culture" : Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, 18-20 October 2003 Sparling, Don | pdficon
Contributors – Collaborateurs
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[159]-162 Contributors | pdficon