Linguistica Brunensia 2017, roč. 65, č. 2

Rok vydání
1803-7410 (print)
2336-4440 (online)
Články – Articles
Page Title
7-20 Expanding of the left Roussou, Anna | pdficon
21-33 The definite article and anaphoric possessors in Hungarian Rákosi, György | pdficon
35-52 Overt and covert subjects in Hungarian infinitival clauses and their implications for restructuring Szécsényi, Krisztina | pdficon
53-68 The role of clitics in Serbian presentative constructions Raković, Sanja | pdficon
69-85 Coordinate structure constraint: a-/a'- movement vs. clitic movement Lanko Marušič, Franc; Žaucer, Rok | pdficon
87-101 If you can show the future, I know what you are made of: aspect + modal-temporal domain in Serbian Todorović, Neda | pdficon
103-117 Non-neutrality and setting of standards in degree of change and motion events Kawahara, Koji | pdficon
Recenze a zprávy – Reviews and reports
Page Title
119-122 [Adamou, Evangelia. A Corpus-Driven Approach to Language Contact: Endangered Languages in a Comparative Perspective] Boček, Vít | pdficon
123-125 [Dejkova, Christina. Etimologija i lingvističeskaja kontaktologija: (Rumynskije glagol'nyje zaimstvovanija v odnom bolgarskom govore)] Boček, Vít | pdficon
126 [Rubio, Enrique Gutiérrezo. Estudio de la semántica del dativo checo en diacronía] Vykypěl, Bohumil | pdficon
127-128 [Nesset, Tore. How Russian Came to Be the Way It Is: A Student's Guide to the History of the Russian Language] Vykypěl, Bohumil | pdficon
129-131 [Thiện Giáp, Nguyễn (ed.); Minh Hà, Võ Thị. Từ vựng học tiếng Việt] Schwarz, Michal | pdficon
132 [Kappenberg, Bernd. Setting Signs for Europe: Why Diacritics Matter for European Integration] Vykypěl, Bohumil | pdficon